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    There are two groups of people at Andy Jackson Airpark that stand out as being at the top of what we could call the “most valuable player” list. These two groups are the instructors and the Officers on the CSS Executive Board.

    I propose we add honoring each of these groups to the two major fly ins we have had each year. Specifically we could make the July Airpark Anniversary Fly In add honoring the current local instructors. And the September Memorial Fly In which honors the founders Andy and Juanita Jackson (who ran the original air park for 10 year before handing it to the pilots to run) should also honor all those brave members who have held a CSS office on the executive board for at least a year, any year in the past. and include the current officers.

    The format to honor these two important groups could be simple yet effective. The dinner fee for those being honored can be waived, and no doubt we also make a few toasts to them during dinner. Maybe a cake with a “THANK YOU” inscribed on it.

    Consider this post a motion to add it to the agenda for the spring general membership meeting.


    Rob McKenzie


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