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    Ken Howells
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    With the National Forests closed,  not much chance of PG or HG pilots “flying to the brewery”, but good to be aware of.

    Might be something to go see, anyway.

    Aerobatic contest to be held over river between Redlands and Highland


    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    NOTAM #: 08/072

    !RAL 08/072 REI AIRSPACE AEROBATIC AREA WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 1NM RADIUS OF 380526N1170909W (.3NM N REI) SFC-6500FT DLY 1400-0220 2109031400-2109060220

    BTW – The coordinates listed are for Tonopah AP and NOT Redlands Muni. I spoke to Larry at the city of Redlands and he said he’ll pass along the error to the AP mgr and get it corrected. I made sure to ID myself as their friendly local HG FWIW. :-D


    Wow- those must be some BIG loops those guys are doing….

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