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    Albert Sharp
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    I thought this was very interesting and informative.  This may not cover all real world situations of a reserve toss, but its still interesting data.  Especially the results pointing to where the participants reached when searching for their reserve.

    Great reason to touch it on every flight to create muscle memory of its location on your specific harness.


    Fun fact: I’ve heard that we have a reserve toss simulator located near the LZ. Never seen it myself, I think it’s located on the Ranch property, but I should go check it out next time I’m out there and report back.

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    I have heard the same. I believe it is a spinning centrifugal force type.

    I would be game to try it :-)

    David Webb
    General Member

    Might be cool to try to set up that same event and add the results to that study. Anyone have a gymnasium and a zipline?

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