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    David Webb
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    For those flying east from Marshall/Crestline or noobs like me who think they may eventually give it a shot, I created an airspace file for the San Manuel Reservation. I looked around and couldn’t find one and thought it would be useful to know exactly where the boundaries are so as not to land there. I used the outlines from Google Maps, so if anyone knows something about those boundaries that aren’t reflected by Google’s maps, please chime in. I included in the outline the “Off Reservation Trust Land,” assuming they wouldn’t be pleased if you landed there either.

    This is a .txt file, formatted according to the OpenAirSpace (.fas) format. This file imports directly into Flyskyhy (instructions on how to import are here) and I think several other instruments accept the format as well.

    File is here

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    Thanks David.  I don’t stray far from Marshall and Crestline but this is good to have.

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