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    Ken Howells
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    What a day to decide not to bother with the video!

    Hot but not the brutal heat and sun of late, clear and invigorating, actually. I flew on the early side, launching just after 2 from the 750 with my F3T HG.  Missed the lift right by launch and sank to the LZ, where the flags pointed East. Heading S at the SE corner it was either catch the thermal or go on downwind to base and final.  Got the left wingtip in the core and just circled up from <200 AGL. Was above the 750 by the time I was over the Pond! Saw and felt spme 1k+ FPM up on the way to 7k+ MSL above Marshall over the course of a few linked thermals.

    There was smoke billowing from the housing area west of the north side of Lake Gregory.

    I could see a few flames in the trees. With streets above and below on the S facing slope it appeared they would contain it quickly. Saw no activity over at SBD. I descended to Marshall and told the van-load of pilots, who had paused their set-ups, to go ahead and fly, it’s fine.

    I flew S over CalState, ready to land.  When your low-save is 3 minutes into the flight… ;)

    Had a nice no-stepper near the PG cone (Falcon!) for about 40 minutes of airtime and shortly after I got my harness off the first fire-fighting planes appeared.

    So no flying for anyone for a while.  Sorry about the misinformation guys!

    Good hike to the 750 for my truck.  The road to the 350 appears a bit chewed-up. Trail is fine.

    2020-08-29 14.06.43

    Ken Howells
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    Screenshot_20200829-191801_Samsung Internet

    Mark Hoffmann
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    Wally Stevens lives on Zurich Dr

    David Webb
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    I wasn’t in the area, but happened to peek at the Crestline cam and saw the smoke. Also peeked at AJX a short time later and saw the big white X:


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