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    Ken Howells
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    Brief flight from the 750 with my F3T today. Got above launch in face-lift right away but then got flushed in the sink cycle. Good thing I flew an hour yesterday.
    Awesome BBQ feast by Nacho and other denizens. Like a very relaxed mini fly-in, talkin turbulence, lookin at gliders, stuffin the face.

    Checking the Hero2 before clamping it to the keel. Hadn’t realized I was also getting the promising gaggle above the 750.


    A local hiker arrived as I was ready to launch and wanted to video my launch. Fun.


    Switchy SE at the LZ, almost span-wise on all those PGs. Jamie Shelden was landing her Sport 3 155 so I got a preview. It cranked a little more E and up a notch as I came in.

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