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    David Webb
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    Another fun day of flying.

    Morning Sandy Van up to Crestline. I had a shitty launch – blame is 10% light shifty winds and 90% kiting skills. Need more practice – always room for improvement there. Stan got a free show before his flight. Got into the air at 9:50 and it was already starting to switch on. Immediate lift right in front of launch and more once we got over the front range. Definitely liked the earlier launch time last week better. Sandy took this one:


    Afternoon was better. Not many pilots in the air. Launched at 4:30 and flew for 2.5 hours. Could not get to 5000′ – I didn’t see anyone being able to get up high, but as it got later, there was ample lift everywhere. Had a really fun climb out from the 750 later in the flight – Gene was driving the 4×4 up to Marshall and I climbed just above him the entire time he was driving up. Got to see him pull up to launch as I was climbing level with him.

    Track Log

    Here’s a photographic representation of the year 2020 that I took from the air:



    Nice pics! Super sad about the fire. Looks like a nuclear explosion.

    Those “morning” flights are not so morning past 9:30- 10:00AM on these hot days. 😄 Great practice for sketchy everything. 😂 That’s why I decided to pass on it this time.

    Good job on staying up for as long as you did! You’re always getting nice, long flights.

    I flew from Crestline in the early evening and just ridge-soared and practicing some things here and there. I then top-crash…uhh..I mean…landed, and went home. 😆 Was nice not to have to drive back up the mountain! 🤘

    IMG_4551 (3)

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