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    David Webb
    General Member

    Lots of impressive clouds all day. Saw a video from Big Bear in the afternoon of pouring rain and hail, but that stuff stayed away from the fishbowl. Big fire out West and saw a lot of lowish altitude aircraft activity.

    Air felt “weird” most of my flight, and couldn’t get much over 5k, but sounded like several hang gliders got high from Crestline. I’d call my flight “educational”.

    Ridiculously hot day – last I checked, AJX read 110F.

    I landed at the same time as Jeff B – we both suck to our appropriate places while setting up and even though we were on final at the same time, there was tons of room. Nice relaxing final and a soft landing. The system works!


    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Typical flight from Saturday: https://youtu.be/LlG9mEbWweI

    8K later

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