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    David Webb
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    Another fun day in the air.

    Got to Crestline Launch around 8:30 to a full house. Launched at 8:55 and found some light lift directly in front, so I got to loiter a bit while Stan got in the air (Jana was a super fast launcher so I think she was already over the front range by then 😀 ). Another nice relaxing 30 minute sledder. Here’s another one of Stan hangin’ out:


    Afternoon was great. Got to Marshall and watched Jérôme launch just before 4. He made us all jealous by going to outer space. Looks like he blasted out past Pine – couldn’t tell from launch but looked like he was pretty high. Looks like he made the Crestline transit a few times on top of that.

    Got in the air just after 4:30 and he clued me into some 1000 fpm lift extending up above the 750, which was still there when I got to it. Saw my vario go over 800. Overall, conditions were a little gusty/punchy, but lots of pockets of lift everywhere up until sunset. Flew for just under 3 hours and got to just shy of 6k.

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