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    I heard multiple reports of Crestline/Marshall offering duration flights and altitudes to 6k, leaving pilots satisfied. “Bumpier than usual” was also repeated, likely due to the inversion near Crestline height.

    I chose to fly at Soboba, and enjoyed a flight over 3 hours and up to 5100′ (1500′ above mountain top). Lighter wind than usual had pilots stay in thermals further out front. Conditions kept improving until sunset. I hiked from the LZ and this picture shows my arrival at the 1450′ launch, thanks to Tom who did the same hike.20230128_124807

    David Webb
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    Was a good day – better than predicted. Few of us went up to Crestline before 9 for a morning flight. Unsure if it would switch in time, as the models were conflicted on that, but around 9:30, some nice light cycles were starting to come in consistently. Fairly bumpy for the season and time of day, I thought, but easy lift on the back ridge. Headed forward to give time to retrieve vehicles.

    Back up to Crestline on the noon Sandy Van – 2 loads with hangs and PGs. Light conditions still made for easy launching. Looking out to the horizon, it looked like the whole site was in the middle of the inversion.

    Pretty rowdy conditions for the afternoon – definitely a workout. Topped out just over 6k and bounced around for 2.5 hours. Flew to Pine and found it just as rowdy over there, so didn’t stick around. Conditions started to mellow just after 3 and had several long, smooth climbs late in the day. Lift everywhere.

    David Webb
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    Looks like I got a shot of the recent carpet repairs along with the morning crew setting up.


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