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    David Webb
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    Those that took the gamble on coming out yesterday, with very sleddy conditions in the forecast, were rewarded with a good payout (at least, back on the Crestline ridge).

    Since mediocre flying was expected, the plan for the day was gear swaps. Got to try out the BGD Base 2 and the BGD Epic. Thanks to Jana for the loaners – was fun to try out new wings.

    Uber’d up to Crestline for a mellow morning flight, break for lunch, then a Sandy Van ride back up.

    Winds were somewhere around 15, with some lighter cycles here and there which made for easy launching. Flew for 2:45, with a trip to Pine and a Crestline top landing in the middle (my first, but the conditions were ideal for it). Max altitude just over 6600’.

    Good group of new pilots in the LZ with smiling faces. Looked like they were getting their first wing packing lesson.

    Thanks to Sandy for taking some great photos from launch:



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