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    So I flew a Sport 3 155 from Marshall today.  It was fun.

    Screenshot 2020-05-02 18.02.51

    I fly with music a lot, usually a 60s-Today mix on random (listen to it while building gliders sometimes, too), and today I finally rigged-up wires so I could listen to music while I fly AND have it recorded on the video camera at the same time. Worth the effort! Great sound too.


    Numerous pilots out flying up near the low clouds.  Saw a group of comp HG wings coming back from Strawberry as I arrived at Marshall.

    Yesterday and today a number of pilots had their otherwise-trapped families along to finally see what the hell it is they do every weekend.



    Again with the random mp3s going to headphones and camera while flying the Sport 3 155 hang glider at Marshall Peak, CA, 5/2/2020.



    To round things out, here’s the May 2, 2020 top landing with random soundtrack to headphones and video camera.

    After reviewing the landing I find I can plausibly ascribe the poor flare and body slide to the apex pad on the left downtube. I semi-subconsciously stopped raising my hands to normal flare position when I felt the pad so I lost reach. I used the apex pad to hold the mp3 player, splitter, and wires to the downtube. Rigging-things-up at launch has drawbacks.

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