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    The forecast was for about 4700′ TOL (Top Of Lift) but many found a passage to 6 k. Lapping between Marshall, Crestline and Pine.

    Picture of David, sporting his new pod harness…IMG_1984

    David Webb
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    Thanks for the photo! The day greatly exceeded the forecast.

    Track log of the afternoon.

    Nothing super interesting, but around 2:02 into the flight, we conducted a second “very scientific” glide and speed experiment (the first was a couple of weeks ago at sunset in very smooth air). This one had a few bumps, but gliding out from Crestline in the same air, this one hints at agreeing with the general thinking about pods improving glide, as it looks like when we are both at trim (beginning of the glide out), I might have had a small advantage. Glide on the first test when we were both in open harnesses was nearly identical.

    I’m on an ION 6 (low B) and Jérôme is on his new Maestro 2 (high B). Previous “test” and this one showed our trim speeds to be very close (almost identical, with the Maestro having a small advantage). Half bar, again, close with the Maestro having a small advantage. Full bar, I would have needed a jet pack to catch up. I think the Maestro 2 comes with a rear view mirror on the risers though.

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