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    Ken Howells
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    Really fun flight in frontal flow with a fantastic flex-wing. Took about 10 minutes to get above the 750′ launch and from there it was easy climbing in breeze and thermals. Cold above 4k’, didn’t linger, could have gone to base at 6k’. Sport 3 155, one of a passel to be dropped-off at Cowboy Up on the trailer’s way to Wallaby Ranch demo days.

    From the forecast, I hadn’t been expecting the early clouds, thought they’d be in the afternoon. It was breezy in the LZ so I thought the 750 might be good and it was blowig steadily when I arrived. By the time I had the glider set-up and on launch the breeze had backed off and the 80% coverage grid of clouds wasn’t letting much sun through for thermals. Was just able to scratch the bluffs until an actual thermal drifted through. Got above Marshall Peak in moderate breeze, 12-17 maybe. Tried to buzz the Cloud Spine but too much lift. Went low over to the start of 2N40 up the front before landing and found this marshmallow of a thermal that took me up to Regionals before I dove down to actually land. Nice cool hike to the 750 to get my truck.

    Zac had a tandem and Tom from Bay Area flew hangs after I landed. PG’s were ground handling in the LZ.

    Screenshot 2020-03-07 23.56.07

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