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    Ken Howells
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    July 18, 2020 flight from the 750 launch with a Sport 3 155 hang glider. 3-weeks lowpoxic with a soft-tissue injury in a thigh. Vario was on the charger the whole time but died while I was setting up. Narration edited :) Good lift as expected but had to work a number of bumps spread across the area before finding one I could work manually.
    Fun 45 minutes, landed when I wanted to. Final video file on gopro glitched a couple of minutes in as I headed for the LZ so there’s only audio of aero and landing (not included here).


    2020-07-18 14.29.53



    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Flying a hang glider mid-afternoon with the air to myself (unusually, but pandemic) and I saw a lone individual arrive at Marshall Peak and take it in. Decided to drop in and say hello.

    7/18/2020, Marshall Peak, CA

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Welcome Back!

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