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    Debris shot through the composite arm I designed (composite tube, interfaces to metal wrist/elbow/shoulder, metal electronic mounts): YouTube > International Space station robotic arm hit by orbital debris in lucky strike

    Not surprising that it can continue to operate, as I designed it according to launch vibration loads that are more severe than what it sees afterwards in service.

    Debris or potshots from aliens? Space isn’t safe.


    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    Very cool, Jerome!
    I read that debris can reach very high speeds, the kinetic energy could be huge.
    Hope this was the last of that stuff hitting your nice arm.


    I’m wondering what the damage looks like to the composite structure, underneath the “thermal blanket”. Hoping that for the same impact kinetic energy, a higher velocity projectile will result in a cleaner/smaller hole will less composite shattering. Maybe like us, the station should have 2 arms in case one fails.

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