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    Dan DeWeese
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    Fire at Silverwood Lake.

    Suppression aircraft active.

    By all means, dont let this interfere with your flying. Like last year 4th of July weekend. Helis round tripping from Lake Gregory to Pine Mtn, Numerous PGs and HGs displaying their grasp of airmanship. A well known out and return HG flying into the active area knowing full well of the situation having been informed by radio. Instructors pushing off their fledges to not disappoint. Bring on another season of embarrassment! It doesnt matter if MOST of the pilots comply. Like drones in the news, we hear of the 1 imbecile who forces the firefighting activity to stop in the interest of protecting the bomber aircraft and pilots.

    Fire supression TFRs take many hours to implement. The absence of one doesnt mean go ahead and plunge into the active area and grab some selfies with a sikorsky.

    What will YOU do?

    Frankly, hindsight says airmanship and part 103 pilots dont go together. Many study and operate as they should, but that minority idiot group is still out there flying for ice creams and refuses to postpone their self gratification in the interest of displaying airmanship.


    Az pilot looking to come out this week to fly conditioned on fire control situation near Ajax. I do not find a TFR for the area but wanted to confirm the situation with local knowledge.

    Ken Howells
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    Should be okay to fly this week.

    Several small spot fires on the desert side of the mountains Sunday and one larger one, mostly contained. No TFR was ever issued. I called 1-800-WX-BRIEF at 2 PM Sunday and the briefer had no word of anything going on in the area.


    Ken Howells
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    Tom Swanson
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    Love your posts, Dan!

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