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    Ken Howells
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    Soaro de Mayo, NOT Sinko de Mayo!

    Soarable from the 750 before 11 A.M.


    On the noon round from Regionals I was stuck below 3,300 MSL at Cloud Peak for a while,  staying up easily,  and when I busted through the light inversion it  was cake to get up and go buzz Marshall.


    At 2 PM it was windy at Regionals,  15+, and the lift was nuking! I saw 1,200 fpm lift a bunch of times.

    Later,  we had a fun glass-off round from the 750 with everybody climbing out without trying too hard.

    There was a Sandy Van to Crestline and most of them were still in the air at 5 PM.

    I got Hoffbrow’s U2 landing:



    Jonathan Dietch
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    Great photo Ken! I wasn’t planning on flying today after yesterday’s adventure to the brewery but changed my mind after I looked at the forecast in the morning. Andy & I were going to go it alone until some spaces opened up last moment on the 130 SandyV. I launched around 255ish and flew to Crest Park 6.3 miles in 11-1/2 minutes without turning on my S3-155. From there it was a lot of work and turbulence until well after 5PM. In spite of exhaustion I landed correctly around 6:25 after a lot of fun and interactions with all kinds of birds, HGs and a few motorized Swifts.
    2021-05-05 Crestline S3-155a


    From Bruce’s Swift….
    IMG_20210505_215156 (2)

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