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    Discussion on facebook  <– Click link.

    Soboba manager Jeremy writes on March 21, 2022… “New Hang Glider exit [=launch] built by Bill [Soderquist] during last weekend’s event. 800′ to 7800′ no problem for this guy. Oh and no hike from [the] Kubota! Come on out hangies!


    Today was great, I got 3 hours 33 min, up to 5750′. 15+ pilots in the air at the same time. Lift far  over the valley. It may be a repeat tomorrow before the cold front.



    Soboba got even friendlier for HG, with the ride vehicle receiving an extended rack to the very front of the vehicle along with a sturdy HG front post & support. Also, the rear has a removable post & support, so that 4 HGs can be carried at once. On Sunday, there was a bunch of HG pilots flying Soboba.

    Today was good for flying, I got my 3 hours in and up to 5500′. Good turnout of pilots.



    Pictures shared by Dave Biddle…





    Jeremy sends in this one of the new HG rack, taken 2022/5/15…20220515_142539

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    First time i flew Soboba , was in 1978 ; Dang that was a long time ago !!

    I might need to go fly there  just for the sake of Nostalgia …



    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Nice job Dave Biddle !

    Dave Biddle
    General Member

    Thanks to Re-Bar Dan for the donated Hook In sign!!!

    Very much needed at this steep launch :-)

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