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    Jerome Daoust
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    I got a 3 h 10 min flight and the first 30 min was rough, but above 4k it got better and I saw 7.1k. The last 2 hours was magic, with smooth widespread lift to 6k for anyone doing nothing more than just being there. Classic Soboba magic.

    Here is a video montage (<– Click the link) showing my launch then Steve’s (local instructor), followed by capturing my feelings and views of Cory’s wing, finishing with a sunset back view.

    Just before sunset, I snapped this one (full res version) from the valley and looking back at the site…IMG_1928_NearSunset_Web

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Tomorrow (Sunday Feb 20) is setting up for a repeat, with an ideal forecast at this time.

    I plan to arrive at the LZ at 1 pm, to allow for a slow hike up (I do it for the exercise but PG rides are continuously available) and launching around 2:15 pm (3:15 pm and after will offer smoother air).

    If you are new to the site: P2 and radio required. Good launch control.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    10 am update, for flying today (Sunday Feb 20)… Looks great, come and get it!

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Today (Sunday Feb 20) was a repeat of Monday, but even better… I launched at 2:05 pm and flew 3 h 17 min, no rough air and the best part was the late widespread lift to 6600′. I counted about a dozen PG in flight at one moment. There was also a couple learning to HG, and using a trailer behind the shuttle vehicle to bring the wing up.

    Quote of the day over the radio from a worried pilot: “I’m on the BGD wing and tried everything, big ears and spirals, but can’t come down !

    David Webb
    General Member

    Push out, head back closer to terrain, go to the casino – didn’t matter. Later into the afternoon, you couldn’t lose anywhere. Pretty fun.


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