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    I got a 3 h 10 min flight and the first 30 min was rough, but above 4k it got better and I saw 7.1k. The last 2 hours was magic, with smooth widespread lift to 6k for anyone doing nothing more than just being there. Classic Soboba magic.

    Here is a video montage (<– Click the link) showing my launch then Steve’s (local instructor), followed by capturing my feelings and views of Cory’s wing, finishing with a sunset back view.

    Just before sunset, I snapped this one (full res version) from the valley and looking back at the site…IMG_1928_NearSunset_Web


    Tomorrow (Sunday Feb 20) is setting up for a repeat, with an ideal forecast at this time.

    I plan to arrive at the LZ at 1 pm, to allow for a slow hike up (I do it for the exercise but PG rides are continuously available) and launching around 2:15 pm (3:15 pm and after will offer smoother air).

    If you are new to the site: P2 and radio required. Good launch control.


    10 am update, for flying today (Sunday Feb 20)… Looks great, come and get it!


    Today (Sunday Feb 20) was a repeat of Monday, but even better… I launched at 2:05 pm and flew 3 h 17 min, no rough air and the best part was the late widespread lift to 6600′. I counted about a dozen PG in flight at one moment. There was also a couple learning to HG, and using a trailer behind the shuttle vehicle to bring the wing up.

    Quote of the day over the radio from a worried pilot: “I’m on the BGD wing and tried everything, big ears and spirals, but can’t come down !

    David Webb
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    Push out, head back closer to terrain, go to the casino – didn’t matter. Later into the afternoon, you couldn’t lose anywhere. Pretty fun.


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