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    The Soboba Flight Park is open (just practice germ awareness) as of yesterday: FB posting.

    I had the pleasant surprise today when expecting to have to hike up to launch. I still hiked (good for me) but now continuous rides up are available. Conditions were good, got 4.2 hours and up to 6k. Fair amount of pilots enjoying the day. I could hear Marshall pilots on the radio, so it seems everywhere was good.



    I get asked what the new main PG launch (called “Mid Spine”) looks like. So after hiking up today, I took the picture below. And thanks to Alex, who took this video of my launch. Landed 4 hours later.



    Jerome, how could this be your launch? There’s no orange jump suit anywhere.

    David Webb
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    We’re living in the age of deep fakes. My guess is that this is a high quality edit purchased off the dark web.


    Funny guys. Fun day again this past Sunday (4 hour flight).

    Update, 2020/5/20: Yesterday this USHPA insurance update ( <– click the link ) had Soboba lumped with 2 other flying sites, as no longer having insurance coverage. But today the info is revised to more appropriately state “No coverage when using property East of Soboba Flight Park”. So, no issue using the new/current launch(es) and landing at Soboba.

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