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    The afternoon flights started late at 4:30pm (wind too variable & light before) but a bunch of PG pilots were then treated to easy and smooth climbs to cloudbase at 6k.IMG_1777

    A filtered sun at cloudbase…IMG_1799

    Golden sun rays, about 30 min before sunset. Later, had to spiral down through lift to land before dark.IMG_1813

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Thanks Jerome. Those photos are great.
    Since I fly HG, how far is the hike to launch currently?

    David Webb
    General Member

    From where the 4×4 drops off, it’s less than 5 minutes up a short trail. If you went with a PG, it would probably be a snap for both of you to carry a hang to launch.


    As  David mentioned, the hike is short to the “Mid-Spine” launch from where the vehicle drops you and your gear off.

    I would be more concerned with setup area, as it probably is limited to the launch itself (picture, without weeds at the moment). If I were still flying HG (I did for a while), I would prefer launching from the top (1 hour drive from the LZ, Google map and Schematic) where there is lots of setup area.

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Thanks David & Jerome. I can handle this with my single surface hang glider. I last flew there 13 months ago. It’s a really fun site.

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