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    David Webb
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    Another fun afternoon at Soboba on Saturday. Lots of pilots in the air – I believe Jérôme said he saw 20+ in the air. Good mix of San Diego, CSS, and others. No epic altitudes, but everyone seemed to have an easy time staying up and cruising around (I got just over 5k and flew for a hair under 3.5 hours).

    A convergence line could be seen at times west of the site out over the flats (wall of fog and dust devils along the edge). Looked very much like this. It was fun trying to grab it, but it seemed just out of range all afternoon – the cookie jar on the high shelf that you just can’t reach.

    Much of the day was very good out front, away from the hill.


    That was a certified fun day. Talking to pilots that day, some were not familiar with…

    Our world-famous (it really is) Elsinore convergence.

    How to recognize a convergence.

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