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    My wife counted 14 pilots in the air. And 4 kittens to watch pounce on each other.

    I got over 3 hour airtime and up to 5k. Smoother air than usual. Big turnout, but all good.

    Video of my launch, thanks to David Webb. Available until end of this  year.

    David Webb
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    2 1/2 hours for me, and just shy of 4700 max altitude. Very smooth air and lift everywhere.

    Made my first trip to the “S”.

    Stan Barankiewicz
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    With all the launches at Andy Jackson Airpark closed due to the El Dorado Fire, I jumped at David Webb’s invitation to go to Soboba today.  It did not disappoint.  2 hour-and-16 minute flight with lift up to 705 fpm.  Got to core a strong thermal with Jerome in locked and tight synchronization.  What a rush!  Maxed out at 4,439 feet and was rewarded with glass-off smooth figure-8’s all the way down to the LZ.  What a great day!


    I got a Lot of hours , flying Soboba back in the 80’s ; was using

    a HG though. What would the owner think, about me flying

    out of there, with my rigid-wing, with an engine and folding

    prop ?



    David Webb
    General Member

    For historical purposes, including a rare shot of the top of Jérôme’s wing (and Stan, for scale):


    Dave Biddle
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    My opinion is I am sure Jeremy would love to have you out there.

    Paramotors fly there frequently.

    He would like to see more hangs flying.




    Thanks Dave !!!

    I had a pre-order in , with full payment due for a Polini Thor 202

    engine at the end of the year ; was going to put it on my Exxtacy glider.


    After surviving a Really nasty case of corona-19 last month ,(almost Died)

    i decided to buy myself a used Atos , for a present ; so the engine

    is gonna have to wait another 6 months . Good to know that i can

    fly out of there next year ; and i propably will be spending a bunch

    of time there.

    Next up, is a better PG, (my harness and reserve are fine) but

    my Skywalk Chili is simply to old and too big, for me to feel comfortable

    while flying it.


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