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    Great day at Soboba, reaching cloudbase at 6400′ and flying nearly 3 hours, despite a knot in my right brake lines. And smoother air than usual made for happy pilots. All photos below (I’m in there) thanks to David…

    Chasing the clouds…IMG_2092_WebSize

    Returning to Soboba…IMG_2089_WebSize

    David Webb
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    Definitely a day of A+ Soboba conditions.

    Hiked up in sunny but pleasant weather, and enjoyed a neatly-trimmed and cleared trail along the last stretch to launch (kudos to Jerome and others at Soboba for their efforts).

    After taking the Soboba express up the face, played a nice game of follow the leader, with almost a complete crossing of the valley to the hills to the west (farthest I’ve ever pushed out there). Fun flying the flats and using the clouds. Copious amounts of smooth easy climbs everywhere and the standard “can’t get down” boatiness at sunset. A nice third flight on my new pod, which has my endorsement.

    Track log here.


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