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    David Webb
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    Have gotten a couple of inquiries that some of you have forgotten which storage bins you’re occupying. Since this was basically done on paper before, those records are kinda sketchy. The best we have at the moment is Gary’s last manual audit of the bins (thanks Gary!). PDF of that here. I also put links to this on the Storage Owners page (right at the top) and in the Frequently Asked Questions on the main Glider & Equipment Storage page.

    We had planned on doing a true-up in person (a nice flyable day where lots of people might want to come out) where we could get everyone matched up with their gear and renewed, but the whole COVID situation threw that out of whack. Stuff happens.

    Just like with memberships, after this first go-around everything becomes much simpler (easy to track, y’all get auto-nagged by email when it’s time to renew, no more cash, etc).

    Hope that helps.

    Mark Bauer
    General Member

    Thank you David – Just what the Doctor ordered.  I was hanging back renewing my membership/locker because I forgot my locker shelf.


    David Webb
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    Note for those renewing storage: the audit spreadsheet that’s posted IS ONLY A GUIDE if you’ve forgotten which shelf you’re on. If you know for sure that your gear is on a different shelf than what’s listed in the spreadsheet, please buy the correct shelf when you’re renewing (will save time cancelling/reassigning purchases).


    Tim Ward
    General Member

    Luke Wernle signed up for  2-FR-8 via the web page.

    There’s 3 gliders there.  The audit spreadsheet shows that as one of Zac’s spots.

    Is there any filtering at all on what someone can sign up for?

    David Webb
    General Member

    Once the slot is purchased on the site, it becomes unavailable to purchase (will show as “out of stock”). Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about people buying the wrong shelf other than back it out and ask them to redo. There have also been a couple of cases of people just swapping with one another (again, not something that we can do anything about on the site other than manually correct it).

    For conflicts, please email info@crestlinesoaring.org with details and we’ll get it fixed.

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