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    Ken Howells
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    Hazier and blusterier than yesterday. Hardly anyone out to fly mid-afternoon. Good temperature.

    I aimed to launch the Sport 3 170 from the 750 at 4 PM, later than yesterday, to get some help from the late-day steady SW flow. I launched into WSW 10 and maintained for numerous fun passes before getting up and going over to the west end where the road starts.  Got up there ina thermal that was 200-400FPM to 5150 MSL halfway between Regionals and Crestline. Kind of a boring climb, actually.  Not demanding, just circle and drift.

    Blowing like stink at Crestline and nobody there. Flew a fun bee-line from Billboard to Marshall and buzzed Jana and someone else. Worked my way down to the LZ and did a wingover and a straight-over loop and had a nice landing headed W at the PG cone into 12-14 MPH flow.

    Later, at home, I was permanently deleting three redundant screenshots from the day’s pic and video folder when I inadvertently permanently deleted everything but the three redundant screenshots.

    Weird Google Earth framing because parts of the tracks disappear at different angles/zooms.



    Screenshot 2020-05-10 18.45.51Screenshot 2020-05-10 19.16.30

    2020-05-10 15.54.552020-05-10 15.55.04



    That was awesome!!! 😄 I wish I got it on video, but I figured you had your GoPro going.

    The other person was my dad. He dropped me off on Marshall so I could get a flight in. 😁 I had a lot of fun yesterday! It was better than the day before. 👌 Actually got a few hundred feet above launch even after 6:00!

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