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    Got a ride up to Crestline thanks to Sandy bringing up an even mix of HG and PG. I launched 2nd around 1:40 pm and flew for 2.7 hours. But what made the flight was the generous (and smoother than usual) lift up to cloudbase at 7k, where wind was very light around 6 mph from the South. Max altitude I saw was 7.5 k behind Crestline where we could explore much further back the plateau than usual while cruising around in the widespread lift. I went back and forth between Pine and Crestline 4 times. Warm too, what a treat !

    On glide from Pine to Crestline while scraping cloudbase…IMG_1847

    Looking towards Cajon Pass from Pine Mtn…IMG_1848

    Behind Crestline and looking at Lake Silverwood. Owen will easily spot the other PG pilot in this one…IMG_1866


    David Webb
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    Second all of the above – day did not disappoint, especially in the dead of winter. I chose to be the wind dummy and launched first from Crestline. Max was 7100’ (behind Crestline and later in the day), and flew for just over 2.5 hours. There was a party at Billboard late in the day with several pilots boating around in the abundant lift.


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