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    David Webb
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    Was a dam-fun Father’s Day. Saw the finished roof on the shade structure with it’s new top skin lookin’ good, and sitting under it out of the sun and the breeze blowing through was super nice.

    Launched at Marshall with my trusty ION 6 (low-B fun machine) and struggled for a while to get up, but finally got a nice climb up to 6300′ somewhere between Cloud and Marshall (the best one I’d get for the rest of the flight, unfortunately). After another small one that kept me over 6, I decided to head east. Overall light/moderate conditions on the way over with mostly slow and low climbs.

    Around Harrison, things started to fizzle out and the winds started to pick up, so since I was right next to a previous “LZ” (new housing development next to a citrus orchard – just short of the dam), I threw in the towel. Had a nice soft, no-brakes landing.

    Big thanks to Stan for the retrieve – arrived 5 minutes after I finished packing up.

    My humble track log.

    LZ for the day – my second visit here (might be a house here the next time around):


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