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    It seems like the wind kept trickling over-the-back at Crestline most of the day, and winds were from various directions at Marshall after 3pm.

    I launched my low-B paraglider from Marshall at 2:17pm and found a decent climb that just kept giving until I felt like a target for airliners at 8k. Not wanting to feed the engine of a Boeing, I flew East with the goal of reaching the Seven Oaks Dam, which I made 90 min later.

    I tried motivating others to follow, but it must have been too hard to leave the generous lift that was available near Marshall / Crestline / Pine.  I did hear one paraglider pilot complain about the conditions near Crestline around 3pm.

    I found nothing of value when overflying Arrowhead so I kept going and reached McKinley at its summit. I struggled more than usual at McKinley and Harrisson to return to 6k. I saw an Orange paraglider flying West from Harrison, and shared the lift with a sailplane over Harrison. Soft landing on a wide dirt road near the Dam. Easy retrieve thanks to my wife driving her car.

    Flight details on Leonardo. I’m sure others must have done better, let’s hear about it.

    Thanks to Dustry and Kathy for sparing me the hike on the Marshall dirt road.  :-)

    Special welcome to Marion from France, who joined the club and was her 1st time at Marshall.


    David Webb
    General Member

    Can confirm the wind trickling over the back most of the day. I pushed back close to the Crestline ridge several times throughout the day and each time the closer I got, the more “off” the air felt. Very buoyant everywhere else and very smooth – the fishbowl was one giant thermal today. I made a weak attempt to follow Jérôme but when I wasn’t seeing lift at Arrowhead, I chickened out and headed back. Was above 6k most of the afternoon and had great climbs out in front. Topped out at 8500’ and flew for 4 hours – my best day of flying yet.

    Also – I took this yesterday (looks like the Windy app appropriately called the convergence for today):


    Reavis Sutphin-Gray
    General Member

    I was probably on the orange westbound glider you passed. I felt like I pretty much maximized the potential of the day with a 105k flat triangle: https://www.xcontest.org/usa/flights/detail:reavis/28.3.2021/19:08


    Awesome, thanks for showing the day’s potential Reavis.

    You seemed to have some good upwind ground speed.

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