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    David Webb
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    Afternoon of daylight savings day turned out great. Launched from the 750 at 4PM, climbed out to just over 5k, and boated around for 2 hours. Hard to get down, but the sun was setting.

    Good way to spend a Sunday.


    What a day! Stephen took me on a wild and crazy tandem adventure with his new Ozone Magnum 3. We got up from the 750 all the way up to 7,400ft. It was super cold! Thermals and gloves were no match for the elements up there. Going backwards in high winds, frontal collapse, near-miss with an airliner, spirals, wing-overs, barrel rolls,… I’ll never forget it!!! 😄

    Our track log: Ayvri Tandem Track Log

    Here’s the full Tandem Flight Photo Gallery









    David Webb
    General Member

    Just watched the track – that was quite the climb right after you launched! Was watching the lift/sink and think I saw a spiral in there too.

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