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    Ken Howells
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    Nice and strong Sunday!  I meant to arrive at the 750 to set-up around 2 PM so the thermals could really develop.  Found myself driving up Devil Canyon Road at 1:20. Oh well.

    A performance PG descended slowly and maintained  for a few passes over the 750 while I was setting up. Encouraging.  Paraglider got out-of-sight below, slowly up to eye-level, then was up at Cloud Peak the next time I looked :)

    Near and far flags pointing at each other at launch so I went right away and was above the cheering couples out social distancing at launch in a few minutes.

    Screenshot 2020-05-24 18.46.08
    Saw Gary Anderson sitting at Regionals with his T3 and I brought him a thermal but he was waiting for something else.

    Some good wingovers way out over the canyon and then E of the 750 (spectators still there) with a decent spin initiation.

    Saw a remarkably steady SSW 10-15 cycle at the LZ so spiralled down from 700′ and had a sweet and easy no-stepper. 24-minute flight. Only landed wing at the LZ but a dispersed crowd milling around, lots of cars, more wings in the air all the time.

    Great temperature for the hike to the 750 to get my truck.

    I dig this depiction of my GPS track on the Ayvri website. The two sets of jagged aero look cool. Didn’t even have to join or create an account or make up a memorable yet clever password to have completely escape me next week.  Thanks David Webb.

    Google Earth Info:

    Screenshot 2020-05-24 17.56.53 crop


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