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    Ken Howells
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    Flew the PG from the 750 around 4.  Sank to below the 350 after a few passes and decided I was going to work the next damn thermal I found for all I was worth and I cranked hard in tight lift and got up to Jordan and crew above the 750.  My torso muscles may have an opinion tomorrow.  Was going up without doing anything so I flew away before topping Cloud Peak.

    Very fun and more relaxed in the PG every flight.  Just had the GoPro on a retracted selfie handle and stuck in my straps. Saw the safety string had come untied in the middle so I was going up and downwind with both brakes in one hand trying to tie a knot in the wind with the other.  Lift near the LZ as usual but good approach with big ears put me on the turf gently and 40 feet short of the PG cone.

    Landing vid:

    During the week I realized that I am no longer hooking-in near the middle of the weight range of the Twice TE Small (I was when I bought it from Lua in ’18) and was sure of it today. So I’ll need to sell it and get a regular solo wing. Anyone interested in a Small tandem PG wing?

    Proper flight vid:



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