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    David Webb
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    Few of us launched at Marshall just before 2 thinking that maybe the day would allow a trip to the dam. There was some struggling at Arrowhead – I was forced to warm up to the idea that I should be looking for LZ options in front (as was Jérôme) – but luck allowed some recoveries and Jérôme and I ended up getting a 25 mile distance flight out of it (I was on my trusty Symphonia – EN-A, and Jérôme on his Buzz Z6 – EN-B). My second XC flight attempt.

    Landed in a nice field at approximately 5200 MSL at the foot of Little San Gorgonio Peak. Field even had a “25” sign right next to it to commemorate the flight 😁.

    Heard the site conditions back at Marshall were good the rest of the afternoon. Also saw the XC League in the air on our way to launch and saw many of them pushing out both West and East. Not sure where they all ended up. I thought the conditions were much more challenging than last week’s stretch of epic days but turned out well in the end.

    Many thanks to Ladi for the retrieve.

    Track Log and photos:





    That was a fun day. Interesting how my “low save” in front of Arrowhead doesn’t look so low on the ayvri visualization, “lift desperation” must have amplified the feeling of being low.

    At the start near Marshall above 5500′, I observed 10 mph wind from the NW. Also obvious from crabbing to the left while heading to Arrowhead. This may explain why Arrowhead did not produce the usual climb, since it became the tail end of a spine with respect to upper wind flow. For the rest of the flight, lift was found on the normal SW facing terrain spines.

    Accomplishing distance with “for anyone” wings, regular harnesses, while keeping safe landing options… Maximum fun to stress ratio.

    Thanks you Ladi for the convenient retrieve.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Great job you two!!!
    Here’s my short summary video flying between Santa’s Village and near Cajon Mtn.

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