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    Today was better than expected… I launched my PG from Marshall at 3 pm and flew a little over 3 hours. I got to 8 k at Crestline, and made 3 trips to Pine and back before settling on some ridge soaring at Crestline.

    There were lots of pilots fully loading the shuttles, and sharing good feelings at sunset.

    2 good flying days in a row, makes my “flying tank” full to the brim.

    David Webb
    General Member

    In flight selfie with photo bomb:



    it was a joy to fly with so many of my hang gliding heroes today!


    crestline to san gorgonio and return, featuring a 43 minute final glide from 14,000 feet.



    Hats off to Owen, again!!!

    You did it again, I am super impressed, that is just amazing.


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