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    Jonathan Dietch
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    A lot better than forecast.   Flight Replay

    David Webb
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    Day was indeed much better than forecasted. Had a nice flight from Crestline in the morning, launching just before 9AM into light conditions. Winds were around 8 mph – not quite enough to ridge soar reliably, but there was a little bit of thermal activity for a fun-but-turbulent 40 minutes down to AJX.

    Lots of happy pilots at sunset in the LZ after my afternoon flight. Talked to a couple of students that had their first flights off the training hill, and others who had their longest flights to date. I called it quits just after the 3 hour mark, and plenty flying until the daylight would no longer allow.

    Also reports of good flying over at Soboba.


    Indeed, Soboba (where there are more cats than dogs in the LZ) also delivered better than expectations. Light and variable wind directions predicted, but sunshine allowed the thermal convection to dominate.

    I got 2 hours flights on both Saturday and Sunday, with respective tops of 4700′ and 5700′. It’s fun to mix up the flying sites.

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