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    Almost New Tenax4 racing harness. I’ve had 3 flights in it. Wonderful harness as many already know. Nothing wrong with it. I am leaving the sport.

    new i paid $2k for it plus shipping from Italy…

    I also have a LARA Gold 250 chute packed in the harness by Andy Beem which I’ll include as a combo for another $500.

    If you’re interested in the chute by itself it’ll be $750 just or the chute. I’ve included my order form image below for fitment details.401B211B-BD90-4B7E-BC8B-425BF0C14D0BBFBBA686-67D6-4B68-915B-695A4C7BD8072AB5F808-C807-41D4-BC83-FAA9898D6090982CA93B-97DD-49B3-9184-ED23048919B55D4DB4CE-F3F3-4835-8158-DB47FE823D9BF152FDD7-4A68-4C06-B487-D300587278E2C0B31F11-B320-444D-A561-A9D0B62C3DBC

    David Webb
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    Recommend that any future gear sale posts get put in the Marketplace Forum instead (helps keep the for-sale stuff separate from the chit-chat about new gear). Topics are easy to move between forums (if you ask the admin).

    Happy selling :)


    Thanks David. Is it possible to transfer the post to the marketplace thread?

    David Webb
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    Best thing might be to send the admin an email here and just ask him to delete the posts in Gear, since I see you posted them in Marketplace.

    Good luck with the sale!

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