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    Almost New Tenax4 racing harness. I’ve had 2 flights in it. Wonderful harness as many already know. Nothing wrong with it. I am leaving the sport.

    I am 6’ 185-190lbs.

    new i paid $2k for it plus shipping from Italy…

    I also have a LARA Gold 250 chute packed in the harness by Andy Beem which I’ll include as a combo for another $500.

    If you’re interested in the chute by itself it’ll be $750 just or the chute. I’ve included my order form image below for fitment details.5781B639-43AB-4957-AAC7-C638FF8B98CBC43AB28B-CF14-4ED5-9447-5439B3173B23EF3FFB8F-63A0-46FA-8BFA-085D77FA78796D207FF4-F0BB-4DA9-B596-99D69DF3933A7B170512-A30D-4E35-B525-7B4BDD6AAC0DC379E4EC-F889-40CC-960C-9D4F91C78CD4A2C6F221-4D05-4527-8EB6-84D2ED1D8AAC

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