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    David Webb
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    For you TFR enthusiasts, I added a viewer on my little weather app. Shows a simple listing of active TFRs in Southern California, along with pertinent details (lower and upper altitude, begin and end date, etc), and filters out a few weird ones that are centered over major city centers (like Disneyland), since they aren’t relevant to our activities. Web and mobile friendly.  Data is refreshed every 30 minutes. Click on the map icons to show a 3D map, and on mobile devices, use 2 fingers to pan/scroll/zoom (this is so scrolling isn’t interrupted).


    Enjoy, or ignore!

    Disclaimer: this was tested in up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but did not do much for older gear (I ain’t got the interest/time to test every browser and device still in existence – sorry).


    Nice work David. Suggestions (if  you have the time and desire)…

    Add launch and LZ locations, to help pilots easily know if their site is in/out of a TFR.

    Automatically detect when a launch or LZ is inside or within a certain distance of a TFR border. Maybe trigger an automated Email to the corresponding club.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Those are great suggestions – neither should be an issue to add.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    This is excellent, David!




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