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    Over the last months Jonathon has listened to my comments/complaints about my U2 160 and this week offered to fly it.  He gave me a good portion of his day to fly my glider and let me fly his S3 155.  I won’t print what his description of it’s flight characteristics were, but they were not complementary.  After a week of adjustments of the CG and sprogs I now have a completely different glider that actually matches the WW description of U2 flight characteristics.

    I feel like I have advanced my skills more in the last week than in the last two years.  Was the glider always that way, don’t know, maybe it was better when new and has degraded as the sail changed with time.  I just didn’t have the knowledge or experience to tell.

    If you need help with your RC helicopter I’m your man. For hanggliding Jonathon is the one.

    As hanggliding goes, even as a H4 I still consider myself an middling pilot because until the last 2 years at Crestline I flew so sporadically I never got proficient.  Safe, but not proficient.

    Thanks to Jonathon for giving me his time and experience.  Marc and Mark gave me good advice along the way as well, thanks to them as well.



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