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    Ari’s presentation on “The Emotional Need to Feel Part of the Talented Group” is worth watching, it may resonate for many “weekend warriors”:

    YouTube > EN-B Paraglider to EN-C Paraglider?!? The Wrong Reasons to Step Up

    Only a short part of the presentation (2:35 into it)… I am guessing at what he means by RRRG/USHPA “commodifying” our safety. I don’t think he means there are bad people in charge, but instead that pilots are putting too much trust in the ratings they achieved, and the sites they are correspondingly allowed to fly. For example a pilot recently achieving a P3 rating and then launching from Marshall early afternoon on a sunny day, just “because he is allowed to”.

    The more freedom we have (buy anything you want, do all sorts of activities), the more judgement we must exercise.

    Good flights.


    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Really enjoyed that Jerome !!!

    ” You can’t buy Happiness”, now That hit home. After watching

    this video, i decided to turn my Large Skywalk Chili, into a flying

    sailboat spinnaker , for my Hobie-21 ; and get a more suitable / stable PG

    for my late day flying. If i want/Need, Active air adrenaline ; i’ll get it on

    my Rigid wing HG , from now on !!



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