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    David Webb
    General Member

    The great HG storage saga continues.

    By my current count, there are 40 HG shelves that have gear on them that are unpaid or have no owner. If you have your stuff in storage, please pay for your shelf or free it up so others can use it. Soon, we will be starting a process to contact owners of abandoned gear, and after that, to remove it, so all of your help in clearing this up asap will be appreciated!

    A few of you have already reached out or are in the process of removing or selling your gear – you’re good.

    Up-to-date audit can be found here.

    John Benario
    General Member

    David, the updated audit hasn’t been updated to change me from 4 RF 8 to 4 RF 7.


    David Webb
    General Member

    It’s likely you’re seeing a cached version (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on iOS are quite bad at heavily caching documents like PDFs). Refresh a few times and you should see the updated version.

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