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    Marc Deschenes
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    The Write-In Candidates and the Re-Voting Process

    You can re-vote if you contact our Communications Director and give him a different email address. https://crestlinesoaring.org/topic/new-ballots-available/#post-17694

    Here’s a list of candidates that includes the two write-ins.

    President –  Stan Barankiewicz, write-in candidate Ed Wiggins
    Vice-President – Jai Pal S Khalsa, Jana Pivkova
    Secretary – Marcello De Baerros, Jamie Shelden
    Treasurer – Jeff Bether, Jonathan Dietch
    Communications Director – Daniel Quick
    Site Coordinator – Luke Berger
    Events Coordinator – Linda Salamone, Jordan Neidinger, Noel Munoz
    Safety Director – Dan DeWeese, write-in candidate Tom Evans


    Linda Salamone
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    A bunch of us who are appalled at the direction of the current BoD are advocating for both write ins (prez Ed Wiggins, Tom Evans safety director) Jana for VP, Jamie for secretary, Jeff for treasurer, Linda (me) for events, Luke for Site director, Daniel for comms.
    Anybody wanting info can just text or call me 585-737-8699

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