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    Ken Howells
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    Expected grey and moist, but it was just some high wispies. Was going to fly the F3T but grabbed the S2 instead. Ride to Marshall from Gene. Launched off the top into steady SW flow at 14:25. Couple of passes then all the way W to Last Chance before I found a thermal. Worked back to Marshall for 20 minutes, then it seemed to get more generally buoyant. Few thermals to relax and climb steadily in, but easy to stay between 3.5k & 4.5k. At the hour point got a great thermal S of Regionals with Nacho (pg). It hit 1k up for a bit. Got to 5k+ drifting E with it at 200 FPM in the lee. Thought about going to Crestline for the first time since launching. Went at 5,500 and floated on back. Less wind than I expected back there. Flew from BB to the Afterbay, then went and landed into 0-2 SW at 15:40. Good flare, let the bar drop to the ground and went to my knees gently. NWS forecast had shown the earliest chance of rain at 4 PM, but it was still wispies with small sheets of short-lived strat.



    Thanks for the report Ken. Was there a liminal feeling (<– click link) to the day?

    Where is the “Afterbay” ?

    Ken Howells
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    If by liminal you mean layers where one could remain after breaching a barrier from below, as with a strong thermal busting through a mild temperature inversion, no. It was more that the thermals were dissipating, possibly in layers of differing (and changing) wind direction.

    The Afterbay is the large, shallow reservoir just SW of the Devil Canyon Power Plant. It comes “after” the original small pool at the plant. We have AJX because the construction of the Afterbay was going to encroach on the original Pinecrest Airpark.



    For Ken… Click this link for images related to a liminal feeling, or that of solitude.

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