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    Nice warm temperature today and high altitudes (I heard of 12k). There was mention that Owen did his usual out-and-return (HG) to San Gorgonio.

    After launching Marshall at 4:22 pm (it got windy there soon after), I almost sank out but found a good one at “Last Chance” then up to 8k in one climb. Not wanting the altitude to go to waste, I started going East, reached Mt Harrison and partially returned. Thanks to Forrest for the retrieve.

    On our way back from Mt Harrison, following David won’t do…IMG_2498

    So half speed bar was used…IMG_2502

    David Webb
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    Climbs were very smooth but on the weak and small side. Still, the weather was near perfect which made for really pleasant flying and allowed us a modest adventure to the east. Heard many others on the radio having their own fun.

    Echoing the thanks to Forrest for the retrieve – we packed up, got curbside, and he was there 5 minutes later. He had a cool rattlesnake story too.

    In-flight pic of the ocean air coming in:


    Track Log here

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