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    David Webb
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    All-day fun flying to be had. Launched Crestline around 9 and enjoyed a 30 minute sledder. Not much lift to be had, but weather was beautiful and calm.

    Back to Crestline on the Sandy Van for the afternoon. Sandy took a nice photo from the van:


    Got 3.5 hours in and up to about 5800’ MSL, with 2 trips back to Crestline and a trip to the radio towers. Exploring the fishbowl. I could hear Jérôme on the radio at Soboba with a lot of beeps, so I know he was having a good time.

    Air felt a little ratty – a bit herky-jerky here and there and thermals seemed to be on the smaller side. Easy to stay up but hard to get good climbs. I’d classify it as an “educational” day.

    Track log from the afternoon.

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