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    David Webb
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    Great views on Thursday of the frosty mountains, and cold temps. I was wearing 6 layers on my upper body, plus hot packets in my pockets under my jackets, so was actually pretty comfortable for the whole flight. Had a really fun XC flight east to Yucaipa on my ION 6 (low B).

    After the biggest collapse I’ve ever had over Marshall (it was educational), conditions rapidly improved over the next few minutes. I left Marshall at 6900′, feeling good solid lift and light winds. Things got better the further along I got on the front range, crossing the dam and pushing towards Yucaipa. After crossing Hwy 38, things started to dial down so after a thorough check of the fields in range for animals to make sure I wouldn’t disturb any (seemed to be a large equestrian area) and keeping my distance from Crafton Hills (since most of that area is in the lee), I picked an empty horse field and enjoyed a nice soft landing.


    2:20 flight time and 6900′ max altitude, and a straight line distance of 18.5 miles. Track log here.

    Special thanks to Ladi for the retrieve.

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