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    Fun day today with about a dozen PG’s flying, thanks to Gene and Steve for shuttling pilots up.

    I launched from Marshall at 2 pm and got a little over 2 hours airtime and up to 6500′. Thermals were easy to track thanks to the light wind. Got to fly back to Crestline and visit Pine Mtn before returning to Crestline. Nice and warm too.

    The joy of thermalling with a new wing…IMG_1824

    Inspecting the Highway repairs, just above our dirt road entrance…IMG_1836

    Gliding back from Pine to Crestline, can you spot another pilot?…IMG_1840

    Marc Deschenes
    General Member

    Need some help finding the other wing?

    Imagine the second descender has to pee.


    Locate 156. Port till ridge of 100% grade, then (lizard with small legs, minus the K) and follow to where MacAdam first peeks

    In both cases, spread your fingers as wide as you can.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Was indeed a much better than expected day. My flight time was 2:18 and got to a little over 5500′, with a short trip back to Crestline. I found little of value back there upon arrival and promptly exited the premises. Was great out front.

    Thanks, Jérôme, for the pics of my new ride.

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