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    David Webb
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    Another better-than-expected day of flying.

    Launched at 9AM from Crestline with perfect light conditions. Turned out that there was just enough wind to ridge soar in front of launch a bit. Smooth extended slide ride, but enough lift for someone to put in the work to stay up. Thick inversion layer that stuck around all day (and got thicker as the day went on):


    Noon Sandy Van up to Crestline to drop off hangs (was fairly strong, but did see a PG flying and top landing). Went down to Marshall where all pilots already on-site were grounded. Small fire was underway in Marshall canyon, but was quickly put out. Helicopter flew over launch and asked us all over the loudspeaker to give them 5-10 minutes to finish putting it out. Once they were done, they flew over again and gave everyone the all-clear. Very nice of them to do so.

    Launched at 14:00. To me, thermals felt small and hard to come by, but as it got later, the lift got better and more widespread. Easy to stay up, but hard to get high (like bumping into the ceiling). 2h 42min up to 5260′.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Not unlike shooting fish in a barrel. Here’s a typical track from an EN-B equivalent Novice level hang glider I found by scraping the Cleopatra database. The pilot quipped that he landed due to an aging bladder combined with fresh coffee and should have worn something beside a Mr. Rogers signature cardigan sweater.

    2021-02-11 Crestline AJX RX2-190 b.

    David Webb
    General Member

    But it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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