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    Members should remember that this multiple vote on the LZ that was just sent out to us was arbitrarily decided on by the president.  The other board members did not have input on the choices.  Some of the other board members were against the vote options as the president laid out, but the president ignored their concerns.  Jana’s video of the recent board meeting shows this.

    A longstanding member recently asked the president if the choices as laid out were intentional (I am paraphrasing a bit) because if so 26% of the club members can decide the future path of the club, against the wishes of the remaining 74%.  Our president responded to him that yes, he intended to allow that situation to happen, and then was very dismissive and insulting to that member.

    Our president has shown that he acts as a dictator and does not intend to run the club as a proper democracy.  The best path forward now is to remove the current president and vice president and vote new leadership in, and then ask the new leadership to cancel this ill conceived vote and reconsider the CCR agreement with proper input from the members.  Luke Berger explained in very good detail the situation and gave the preferred choices for president and vice president as

    Ed Wiggins -write in for president

    Jana – vice president.

    Luke’s explanation:


    Members who have already voted and wish to change the their vote for the sake of the club can request a new ballot from the CSS communications director.


    I’ve no doubt all parties are interested in keeping Andy Jackson an exceptional free flight site for the indefinite future, but manipulating the vote to accomplish an agenda sought by a few is simply wrong. It makes no sense having four voting options. Each option can of course be “negotiated” so there’s no reason to have four – there should be just two. But such as it is, make sure you read Jeff Bether’s post and voting recommendation.

    It seems obvious giving up the water and therefore the grass for artificial turf is an expensive and risky option. If it fails we’ll never get water again. Those who have the most to lose are the PG pilots. It won’t be nice, but hang pilots can deal with rocks, thorns and thistles, but those things will be pretty hard on the lines and canopy of PG’s. In reality though, we’ll all lose because we simply need each other to keep the future of AJX alive.

    David Hards
    General Member

    I have yet to receive a ballot

    Bille Floyd
    General Member



    I haven’t yet gotten the ballot to vote. Yes I checked the junk and all that. Didn’t get it yet

    David Webb
    General Member

    To those asking about ballots: a ballot to vote on the XC Ranch relationship has not gone out yet. I believe we’re now in a “discussion” period for 3 weeks (according to the email blast that went out). Since the email blast went out April 10, that suggests that the ballot would be sent out by the board May 1.

    Others have brought up points about the content of the ballot (what is actually being voted on, number of options and what those are, etc.), so if changes are to be made, now seems like the right time to discuss them. I don’t know what the process is for determining what makes it onto the ballot that will be sent out, so don’t ask me.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Thanks to everyone who voted. And got the word out.  I’m sensing a *message* with the outcome.

    Thanks to all CSS members that voted for this year’s board of directors. Results are as follows (totals do not include abstentions):
    • 344 total ballots sent
    • 134 members voted
    • 19 members requested new ballots
    • 2 ballots were undeliverable (bad email addresses)
    • Stan Barankiewicz: 47 votes
    • Ed Wiggins (write-in): 78 votes – winner
    • Luke Berger (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote
    Vice President
    • Jai Pal S Khalsa: 24 votes
    • Jana Pivkova: 104 votes – winner
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jamie Shelden: 93 votes – winner
    • Marcello DeBarros: 32 votes
    • Tom Evans (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jeff Bether: 86 votes – winner
    • Jonathan Dietch: 38 vote
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote
    Site Coordinator
    • Luke Berger: 117 votes – winner
    • Tim Ward (write-in): 2 votes
    • Noel M (write-in): 1 vote
    • Kevin Williams greensmaster (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote
    Communications Director
    • Daniel Quick: 120 votes – winner
    • Jonathan Dietch (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote
    Events Coordinator
    • Jordan Neidinger: 24 votes
    • Linda Salamone: 66 votes – winner
    • Noel Munoz: 37 votes
    Safety Director
    • Dan DeWeese: 68 votes – winner
    • Tom Evans (write-in): 50 votes
    • Gary Anderson (write-in): 1 vote
    • Jordan Neidinger (write-in): 1 vote

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